I think Skills Anytime has been a major contribution towards me gaining great grades this year.

If you’re a college student, Skills Anytime can help you to improve your English and maths skills, enhancing your grades and future prospects.

If you didn’t quite get the grades you wanted at school and are resitting your GCSEs, if Functional Skills are part of your course and you need some extra help, or if English and maths didn’t quite click with you, then Skills Anytime can help you refresh your skills, preparing you for upcoming assessments and raising your confidence levels.

There are two Skills Anytime pathways available – Functional Skills and GCSE. The Functional Skills pathway is ideal for people who are studying for Functional Skills assessments, didn’t achieve a GCSE grade, or find the basics of English and maths difficult to master.

There are four parts to the Functional Skills pathway; an Initial Assessment tells you your current working level, then guides you to a Diagnostic Assessment which is designed to find out where your weaknesses are. You will then be given access to tailored Learning Resources which will help you to fill your gaps in knowledge, with the final part, Skill Checks, checking you have understood the topic.

The Skills Anytime GCSE pathway is ideal for anyone who has a GCSE exam coming up, or who didn’t quite achieve their desired grade. It works slightly differently to the Functional Skills product. First you will undertake a Diagnostic Assessment to identify where your skill gaps are, then by giving you access to tailored Learning Resources. This minimises repetition – ensuring you are only learning what you need to in order to progress.

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