I found Skills Anytime really easy to use. It has helped me to improve my english and maths skills greatly.

If you’re a school student, Skills Anytime can help you prepare for upcoming GCSEs or Functional Skills, giving you the edge when applying for further education, an apprenticeship, or other training course.

If you are studying for your GCSEs, the Skills Anytime GCSE pathway will help you to fill any gaps in knowledge – fully preparing you for upcoming exams. Skills Anytime GCSE works by assessing where you need the most help – via a Diagnostic Assessment – then giving you access to tailored Learning Resources based on your results from the Diagnostic Assessment.

This makes sure that you are only focusing on the areas where you need the most help, minimising repetition and guaranteeing you are covering the topics you need to in order to achieve success, whatever you wish to do after school!

If you’re studying for a Functional Skills qualification, the Skills Anytime Functional Skills pathway will guide you through the whole learning process, helping to ensure you are fully-prepared for assessments and exams.

By assessing your current level with an Initial Assessment, then finding out where your weaknesses are with the Diagnostic Assessment, the Functional Skills pathway is then able to point you to the relevant Learning Resources to help you fill those gaps in knowledge, and check you have fully understood the topic with comprehensive Skill Checks.

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