About ESOL - Initial and Diagnostic Assessments

The bksb ESOL Initial Assessment has been designed to identify ESOL learners’ levels in the three skills of reading, writing and listening. The assessment is interactive and self-marking, which means that learners can receive feedback on their results as soon as they have completed the assessment. To assess learners’ speaking skills, we also provide a paper-based resource and marking grid.

The assessment is mapped to the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) ESOL core curriculum and will assess a learner’s level from Pre-Entry to Level 2. It will also map to the equivalent levels in IELTS, CEF and TOEIC.

Upon completion of the Initial Assessment, the learner is able to complete Diagnostic Assessments at the appropriate levels in reading and writing. The diagnostics provide a percentage score and produce an interactive Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which highlights skill gaps and directs a learner to the appropriate learning resources.

Fully interactive and self-marking assessments in reading, writing and listening

The bksb ESOL Initial Assessment and Diagnostics for reading, writing and listening are fully interactive and self-marking. They cover a range of levels from Pre-Entry to Level 2.

Mapped to the DIUS core curriculum

The product is mapped to the DIUS core curriculum, which highlights the product’s relevance to national standards in the UK.

Consistent with equivalent levels in the IELTS, CEF and TOEIC

The bksb Initial Assessment in ESOL is consistent with IELTS, CEF and TOEIC.

In-depth tracking and reporting

The assessments provide valuable tracking and reporting for tutors and managers. This data is extremely insightful and assists greatly with lesson planning, learner management and for inspection evidence. Download our pdf to find out more about tracking and reporting.

Links to an individual learning plan and learning resources

A key benefit of our ESOL Initial Assessment and Diagnostics is that it links to an Individual Learning Plan, where the learner can access a variety of learning resources to help them improve their performance.

Outstanding technical support

As this product is fully hosted, we save you all the usual hassle of installation, set-up and maintenance. In addition, all bksb customers receive full technical support by email and web at no extra cost.

Want to know more?

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Why choose bksb ESOL - Initial and Diagnostic Assessments?

  • Fully interactive and self-marking.
  • Link to Individual Learning Plan & Learning Resources.
  • Include reading, writing and listening resources.
  • Mapped to the DIUS core curriculum.
  • Consistent with equivalent levels  in IELTS, CEF and TOEIC.
  • In-depth tracking and reporting.
  • Outstanding technical support.

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