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Our market-leading products for Functional Skills include everything you need for truly outstanding assessment and development.

  • Initial Assessment
  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Learning Resources
  • Skill Checks
  • Revision Scenarios

Focus Functional Skills is the ideal solution for organisations wanting to improve their Functional Skills success rates. The five-step process tracks the Functional Skills standards and satisfies the updated core curriculum for English and maths.

Initial Assessment

The Initial Assessment for English and maths is the ideal tool for institutions wishing to gauge learners’ current working level. The Initial Assessment dynamically and objectively adjusts the level according to the answers given, allowing the learner to see what level they are currently working at. Fully interactive and self-marking, the Initial Assessment gives learners a clear indication of their current level from Pre-Entry to Level 2. Designed in-line with Functional Skills Standards and the core curriculum for English and maths, the Initial Assessment is flexible and therefore suitable for use across a range of educational settings.

Providing in-depth tracking and reporting, the Initial Assessment is an invaluable tool for tutors and managers. The data produced from the Assessment is extremely insightful, assisting greatly with lesson planning, learner management, and for inspection evidence. 

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Diagnostic Assessment

The Diagnostic Assessment for English and maths is designed to be taken after the Initial Assessment, but is equally useful taken as a standalone assessment. Suitable for learners aged 14-19, NEETs who wish to improve their skills, individuals who want to continue their Professional Development (CPD), and all other types of learners, the Assessment tracks the Functional Skills Standards from Entry Level 1 to Level 2. The Diagnostic Assessment provides the individual learner with a percentage score and an Individual learning Plan (ILP) which highlights skill gaps and directs the learner to the appropriate resources they need in order to fill their gaps in knowledge.

The tracking and reporting information produced by the Diagnostic Assessment is extremely useful for both tutors and managers, assisting in lesson planning, learner management, and for inspection evidence purposes.

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Learning Resources

The Learning Resources cover Entry Level 1 to Level 2 for both English and maths, and provide learners with essential knowledge in all relevant topic areas. Fully interactive and self-marking, the Learning resources track the Functional Skills Standards from Entry Level 1 to Level 2 for English and maths. Providing learners with the essential, underpinning knowledge for functional English and maths, the Learning Resources give learners the opportunity to work through a number of on-screen exercises and video resources to improve their English and maths Functional Skills.

Ideal for both tutor-led and independent learning, the flexibility of access means that learners are able to easily work through the resources at their own convenience, while giving tutor and managers access to tracking and reports for each learner.

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Skill Checks

The Skill Checks are designed to confirm learners have closed their identified skills gaps by undertaking a variety of exercises which show competency in those areas. With over 150 self-marking skill checks available covering a variety of topics across both English and maths, they have proven to be an invaluable addition for a wide range of organisations.

The Skill Checks are highly rigorous, only allowing learners to achieve a pass mark once they have truly learnt and understood the topic in detail. Mapped to the Functional Skills curriculum, the evidence produced via the reports and tracking facilities is vital in evidencing achievement and progression for Ofsted and other inspection purposes.

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Revision Scenarios

The Revision Scenarios are the final element of the Functional Skills process. The Revision Scenarios are essentially practice papers which allow the learner to apply their skills and logic to problems and situations which they may encounter in everyday life – in preparation for taking the Functional Skills qualifications in English and maths. There are currently six Revision Scenarios at Level 1 and Level 2 for English and maths, which are only available online.

At each level the scenarios are packaged with answers, guides, and marking schemes, making it easy for the learner to interpret their results, with the results also available to download in pdf format. By allowing tutors to take extracts from the scenarios for use in the classroom and to assess their learners via timed practice tests, the Revision Scenarios also provide an essential resource for all teaching professionals working with Functional Skills.

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