An effective, easy to use, solution for developing ICT skills and improving results across an organisation.

  • Initial Assessment
  • Learning Resources

ICT Now is a unique tool allowing learners to assess their skills against the Functional Skills Standards for ICT, and then undertake learning resources to improve their essential knowledge in weak areas.

Initial Assessment

There are nine Initial Assessments covering databases, email, file management, presentations, spreadsheets, internet, word processing, IT basics, and health, safety and security. Learners work through the Assessments individually, receiving a level for each module. Upon completion of an assessment, a report will be generated with the level the learner is currently working at. The appropriate Learning Resources will then be automatically assigned to the learner, making it easy for both the learners themselves and their tutors to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Learning Resources

Once the learner has completed the Initial Assessments, the Learning Resources will automatically be displayed in the system. The ICT Resources have been written to help learners plug any gaps they may have relating to the Functional Skills Standards. They contain paper-based tasks from Entry Level 3 to Level 2, with Video Resources to support topics at Entry Level 3, and Interactive Resources to support topics covered in assessment at Level 2.

The Initial Assessments are highly intelligent, objective tools, which intuitively determine the level that students are working at. Fully-hosted to save all the hassle of installation, set-up and maintenance, all the assessments are self-marking. The ePortfolio available in the bksbLIVE2 system is particularly useful for the ICT modules, allowing learners to upload tasks straight to the system, ensuring all work is stored safely and securely.

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Why Choose ICT Now?

  • Fully hosted, online platform
  • Compatible with eTrackr
  • Learner-centric approach
  • In-depth tracking and reporting
  • Market leader for GCSE and Functional Skills Solutions
  • Outstanding technical support
  • Built on Amazon Web Services
  • Tutor, administrator and manager access at no additional cost
  • Per learner, per annum, annual licence