The Skills Anytime ESOL course has been designed to support learners whose primary language isn't English.  The Initial Assessment identifies ESOL learners’ levels in the three skills of reading, writing and listening. The assessment is interactive and self-marking, which means that learners can receive feedback on their results as soon as they have completed the assessment. To assess learners’ speaking skills, we also provide a paper-based resource and marking grid.

The assessment is mapped to the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) ESOL core curriculum and will assess a learner’s level from Pre-Entry to Level 2. It will also map to the equivalent levels in IELTS, CEF and TOEIC.

Upon completion of the Initial Assessment, the learner is able to complete Diagnostic Assessments at the appropriate levels in reading and writing. The diagnostics provide a percentage score and produce an interactive Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which highlights skill gaps and directs a learner to the appropriate learning resources.

ESOL Anytime

ESOL Anytime

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Are you looking to improve your English? Do you want both the skills and confidence to be able to speak confidently with others?

ESOL Anytime is the ideal eLearning tool to help you improve your speaking, reading and writing English skills, giving you the confidence to work or study in any English-speaking environment. This self-study course works by finding out which topics you are struggling with, then gives you the resources you need to improve. Working through each section in your own time, and only covering the topics where you need the most help, you are able to use your time effectively.

There are four parts to the ESOL Anytime product which will help you to improve your English skills. An Initial Assessment assesses your skills, and provides you with your current working level, a Diagnostic Assessment then identifies your skills across a range of English topics, and highlights the areas where you need help. An Individual Learning Plan (ILP) will then be produced, which highlights your strong and weak areas, then points you to the relevant Learning Resources. All of this ensures that rapid development of your core English skills. You will have access to the software for 90 days.

Please note that Skills Anytime is not a qualification. It is a tool to help you to improve your skills.

Please allow up to 1 business day for your order to be processed. Compatible with IE8 and above, the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and other web browsers that can run javascript.

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The Skills Anytime products are great! They told me exactly where I was going wrong, then helped me to improve.

George, English Anytime and Maths Anytime user

English Anytime has helped me to improve my English skills in so many different topics.

Gemma, English Anytime user

I found English Anytime and Maths Anytime really easy to use! They have helped me to improve my English and maths skills so much.

Sarah, English Anytime and Maths Anytime User